Brunswick Camden 8ft & 9ft American Pool Table

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Brunswick Camden 8ft & 9ft American Pool Table

June 12, 2013 Pool Tables 0
The Camden from Brunswick Billiards is one of those tables that’s been around for quite a while and it’s easy to understand why. The double arched cabinet and plenty of options on finish, leg style and size mean it’s a pool table that not only looks great, but can look great in pretty much any location and setting. Although the Camden has been in the Brunswick range for a good while, it has had an upgrade for 2013 and you now get a nifty hidden ball box at one end of the table, which is nice and handy for keeping your table clean and tidy…

You can choose between 8ft and 9ft table sizes to get the best fit for your game room, plus you get the option of either Chestnut or Espresso stain finishes. There are three leg options, being ball and claw, ram’s head and Queen Anne style, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your game room. Finally you also get to choose between leather shield and fringe tassel pockets – a table for many locations

As part of the Brunswick Mainline range of American pool tables, the Camden is produced from solid poplar hardwood all round. You also get Superspeed cushion rubbers to provide one of the most accurate playing surfaces available and genuine mother-of-pearl rail sights

Slates as with all Brunswick tables are three piece, 1″ thick Brazilian or Chinese slates, Certified by Brunswick via a rigorous 14 point program to ensure the accuracy of the bed.

Weight:  (8ft) 360kg :: (9ft) 454kg

Play Area: (8ft) 2.24 x 1.12m :: (9ft) 2.54m x 1.27m

Exterior: (8ft) 2.51m x 1.39 :: (9ft) 2.81m x 1.54m